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Marketing and Analytics 


RHUX Analytics is a growing analytics consultancy, delivering best practices for website analytics implementation focusing on clean data. We would be happy to work with you if you want to understand and fully implement analytics to meet your business and reporting goals or if you are seeking to level up your analytics capabilities.

How we help companies 

  • Core tracking & data collection configuration

    • ​This can include pageview & event tracking, checkout & funnel configuration, tracking library configuration, and more.

  • Data enhancements and customization 

    • ​Configuring enhanced e-commerce, custom events, custom dimensions, custom metrics, etc. to best fit our client’s goals.

  • Google Analytics migration to GA4

    • ​Setting up GA4 in parallel to Universal Analytics and teaching the brand new data model.

  • Third-party pixel configuration 

    • ​From Facebook pixels to Reddit pixels, we are able to install new and troubleshoot existing third party pixels.

  • Visualizations via Data Studio

    • ​Our team is able to create and provide insightful reports that can benefit all business departments.

  • A/B testing

    • ​Guiding and leading any A/B test for our clients to enhance their website and user experience.​​​

  • Server Side tagging solutions

    • ​We are able to implement server side tagging to ensure all website data is collected without compromising the user’s privacy.​​​

  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager training

    • We believe that providing our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful is the key to a long term relationship.

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