The Discovery

As part of the customer journey, Shogun allows prospective customers to try on their front-end product by taking an eCommerce store’s existing Shopify site, and replicating it into a headless framework with a different domain. The sites are tested in parallel to compare performance. To do this effectively, clean data and analytics reporting capabilities are key in evaluating performance for both sites, and ultimately deciding which one outperformed the other.


The Engagement

As many of us are aware, the world of analytics is complicated and ever-changing. Shogun reached out to the RHUX Analytics team to help ensure implementations are set up properly for all of their new customers. Some examples of the tracking challenges experienced and overcome were revenue discrepancies, top sources of site traffic attributing to “other”, and session breakage.


The Solution

The next step in our partnership is to standardize and templatize client onboarding processes with Shogun’s headless site, and to create a Server Side Analytics account for their clients, which will help to avoid many of the data collection and tracking issues previously experienced. Stay tuned!